An Endless Summer

2015-05-15 14.38.01I Remember First Hearing About Donna Around The Time Of Her “A Love Trilogy” Album Back In 1976, When I Was Just An Early Teen. I Had Not Heard “Love To Love You Baby” Yet. My Ears Remembered Loving “That Beat”..So Lush, So Orchestral and “That Voice”..So Warm, So Sensual. My Musical Senses Were Just Developing and Donna Was Helping To Develop It Even Quicker. Up Until That Time, I Never Heard Music Like That. Around This Time, That Sex Change Rumor Started, I Was Even More Intrigued By This Singer. Finally I Saw Her For The First Time On “Soul Train”, She Sang “Love To Love You” and “Could It Be Magic”. I Was Mesmerized By The Beautiful Sexy Black Woman On The Screen and Followed Her Music From That Point On. In My Heart and Mind I Knew “One Day” I Had To Meet Her. Her Voice Was Like A Drug Calling Me..It Reached Inside Of Me. Many Years Later Around 1983, I Met The Beautiful Queen For The First Time and Continued To Do So Until 2000. Through Out Those Years I Watched Donna Morph Into So Many Things Personally and Professionally. Her Voice Always A Welcoming Friend..Her Physical Presence Always A Blessing To Me..I Learned Way Before Her Autobiography, She Was As Ordinary Girl. When I Spoke To Her, It Was Conversations Of Normal Everyday Life and We’d Joke About Other General Things. Although  I Kept Low Keyed & Calm  and Tried Not To Present Myself As That Of A Worshipping Fan In Her Presence (Lol), On The Inside I Was…Lol. She Always Felt More Comfortable Around People That Approached Her In A Calm Manner and Who Treated Her As Donna Summer, A Person, Not Donna Summer, The Superstar, Not To Say She Didn’t Appreciate Her Fans, She Was Always Loving and Gracious To All Who Came To See Her. I Got To Be Part Of The “Summer” Magic By Being A Familiar Face In The Audience At Concerts, TV Appearances, Backstage, and Even Had A “Walk By” Appearance On The “State Of Independence” Video. All In All, A Dream Come True and Such A Blessing To Have Been A Little Part Of Donna’s World. Like Many I Never Had The Chance To Say Goodbye, BUT In My Heart and Ears Donna Remains Eternal. MAY 17th Is  Sad For Me, But Who and How She Was Has Left An Imprint In My Life, So Donna Never Fails To Put A Smile On My Face.



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