Donna Summer : Another Place & Time 2014 Expanded Deluxe Edition to be reissued by Demon Music Group

Demon Music group has gained the copyright to the Atlantic release and will issue a statement soon. Of all of Donna’s 80’s releases this one has the most bonus material. Demon is in the process of sorting out the tracks and extra material for the release. Demon also has the rights to re-release : ‘The Wanderer’, ‘I’m A Rainbow’, Donna Summer’, ‘Cats Without Claws’, ‘All Systems Go’, ‘Another Place And Time’ & ‘Mistaken Identity’ in the future. (Crayons and She Works Hard are still attached to Universal)

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    TWN August 20, 2014 at 10:32 pm

    Whoohoo! But, this is the same announcement from a month ago. When is the tentative date?

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