Donna Summer 5 Year Anniversary & Reflection from the Fans

Remembering Our Donna Summer Sudano

It was five years ago today that we lost our beloved Donna Summer as she made her transition to heaven. I remember like it was yesterday on that beautiful spring morning when the news came across the wire, as the shock was a little too much to bear at that time. Watching and waiting to determine if there was some sort of mistake my heart was broken as I thought of Donna’s family and the loss they must have been going through, but also the millions of Fans around the world who have followed Donna for so many years and many I have gotten to know through the years of being blessed to have the opportunity to communicate and grow with so many of the fans.

In the last few years I made it my mission to try and understand why and how this could happen to such a blessing such as Donna that inspired millions to reach and achieve and grow through her music and her spirit throughout decades of time. The gift we know as Donna Summer was given to us to help us get through hard times, smile, laugh and just feel good about the struggles of everyday life whether personal , professional or just having a great time out at the club. Donna’s message was a positive one to help us all overcome this thing we call life. Personally in my life Donna and her family inspired me when there were times that I thought were hopeless and I felt like giving up on a both a personal and professional level.

Donna loved her fans, she was so very proud of all of them, even to the point of remembering most each and every one of them by name or face, she was so happy to hear from them or to see them back stage and always made time for them when possible. Unlike “Diva’s “of today Donna had grace, beauty and a way of approachability that was like no other and will never be again, she was true to her being, filled with love and admiration that she received from her fans.

It was abundantly clear that fame did not change her but she changed the meaning of fame, Donna did what inspired her to get her message and her feelings out whether it was popular or obscure, as fans that what we love about her and her music, art and her contributions to this world. Donna learned in the early days of her career that music was like a beautiful sunset that had many ever changing dimensions that needed to be shown and not hidden away by popularity or just what others wanted to see, this we were thankful for, especially now.

On this day let’s give blessings to Donna’s family and remember Donna for the inspiration and the light that she gave to us, and that she continues to shine in us every day. We all miss her deeply and cherish our memories that we have had with her, but remember that she is with us spiritually and though her music, paintings and her light. I’m sure there are things that we will hear from Donna in the future that we have not heard as of yet, but what we have now are memories and gifts that will last well beyond our lifetimes and be there for future generations. The Donna Summer Fan Club will always try to embrace, share, and respect the honor Donna Summer her family and her millions of fans throughout the world, and on this day we choose to celebrate the life of Donna Summer and the giving spirit that she taught us to share.

With Love we remember, miss, cherish and celebrate the life of our beloved Donna Summer, we miss you!

Please share your thoughts below on this special day and remember to “Always take a little Summer with you wherever you go”!

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