Donna Summer / Deluxe Editions + Limited Vinyl and CD box sets

Before the year is out Driven By the Music will release seven classic Donna Summer albums as expanded deluxe CD editions, along withheavyweight vinyl pressings and limited box sets for both CD and vinyl.

The albums in question are The Wanderer (1980), Donna Summer (1982),Cats Without Claws (1984) , All Systems Go (1987), the Stock Aitken Waterman-produced Another Place And Time (1989), Mistaken Identity(1991) and I’m A Rainbow (recorded in 1981, but not released until 1996).

anothertimeTrack listings haven’t been released, but it’s looking like many will be expanded one CD editions with the odd exception like I’m A Rainbow (two-disc) and Another Place And Time (three discs). These re-issues are packaged as case-bound books, and come complete with lyrics, new notes from Christian John Wikane and Justin ‘Musicology’ Kantor.

These will all be issued as 180g LPs including a first vinyl release for I’m A Rainbow which will actually be a double LP gatefold.

Both vinyl and CDs can be bought together in collector’s box sets. These are available to purchase from Amazon (and other retailers) but fans are incentivised to buy from the official store (Europe & Australasia only) by the inclusion of a free two-track twelve-inch vinyl single (CD single for the CD box) which includes the tracks State Of Independence (DJ Dero Vocal Mix) and Love’s About To Change My Heart (Loveland’s Full-On 12″” Vocal). The latter is previously unreleased.

The boxes and individual CD and vinyl releases will be issued on 1 December 2014.


The Vinyl Collection


The CD Collection

Individual Titles:


The Wanderer




Donna Summer




Cats Without Claws




All Systems Go




Another Place And Time




Mistaken Identity




I’m A Rainbow



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  1. Reply
    TWN September 2, 2014 at 8:21 pm

    Very excited! But when is the US release?

    • Reply
      Ron September 4, 2014 at 2:50 pm

      So how do US fans order the CD Box set WITH the Bonus CD Single Loveland Mix – it seems to not be on the Amazon release?

  2. Reply
    Andrew David McMeekin May 21, 2015 at 8:31 pm

    The inner sleeves to the vinyl releases are wafer-thin cheap paper that will spilt if you do not remove them into a new paper/poly-lined one.
    That’s if you can ever get one in actual ‘mint’ condition !
    I made 3 [!] attempts to buy this from the ‘Official Donna Summer Suppliers’ ie myplay.
    Who took my cash twice but never supplied a thing.
    All this to get a 12” Single coz they were apparently the only place you could get it.
    Hence the 2 attempts.
    The third go and I had to send it back because of every inner sleeve being split ie they must have rattled inside.
    Or since the paper is so thin – it broke in transit to them.
    Ever heard of ‘inbuilt obsolescence’ – that’s what was at thought when these ‘book-sleeves’ were thought of for the CD’s.
    What’s wrong with jewel cases or the ‘super’ versions ?
    No matter how careful you are you WILL end up scratching the CD’s as since it’s hidden inside.
    You can’t see the dust particles that are making marks until it’s too late.
    A V poor packaging choice, but they in perfect nick which strangely seems so much easier for so many other Artists who get much better thought out and packaged re-releases.
    Still there’s always the US releases to come as there will be -after yet one more ‘Greatest Hits’ to squeeze every last shekel out of the Donna fanatic in all of us.
    Very sad all round.

    • Reply
      Andrew McMeekin November 17, 2015 at 5:54 am

      You guys wanna stop all this Limited Edition nonsense please ?
      Blackmailing a fan to order with goodies dangled before their eyes is extremely unfair.
      And maybe increase the build-quality of the CD/Records instead.
      Donna’a memory deserves better than this !

  3. Reply
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