Donna Summer – Thank you for the music!

I became a lifelong devoted fan on Donna a Summer in 1978 when I heard “Last Dance”. I was fifteen years old. From that moment on I purchased every Donna Summer product available…usually on its day of release! Promoted Donna (on my own) during the 80s sometimes successfully sometimes not to get gay clubs to play her Geffen music. Saw my first Donna concert in 1980. Las Vegas. Then I became a “Summer Stalker” well only in the sense that I would go see every tour in every place I could afford to go! The most I saw in one tour was 6 shows, 1983. I’m a flight attendant for American Airlines. In 1999 I had Donna on my flight from LAX to Nashville! Lucky for her I didn’t find out until 45 minutes before landing! Donna was amazing. She put up with my stunned amazement of meeting her. I got to meet Donna Sudano with a little bit of Donna Summer thrown in! It was a highlight of my career. Then about 10 years later, not sure anymore, the years fly by, I had Amanda and Abner on my flight coming back from their honeymoon Miami to Nashville that was very cool because Amanda asked how I knew who they were and I replied truthfully! “From your Mom’s website!” Sweet memories and many many concerts. LPs cassettes, CDs  DVDs digital files. Remixes, bootlegs (Rainbow), TV shows. Donna Summer will always be a part of the soundtrack of my life….and I thank Donna Sudano and family for that!

As May 17 approaches I still find it difficult to think that I’ll never see Donna in concert again. My heart aches. That being said I can’t even imagine what you, the family feel. But know that we take comfort in her Legacy and what a Legacy it is! Thank you for keeping her memory alive.

And I always take a little Summer with me.


Patrick Driscoll




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