Donna Summer the soundtrack of my life


40 years ago, the first record I bought on my own was “The Hostage” . From that moment Donna Has been a part of my life . She opened my soul to another musical world . Through Donna I discovered Diana Ross, Ella Fitzgerald, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin and many American singers . Then came Love to Love you baby, the first Ghetto Blaster, headphones, music loud in my ears (maybe too loud) My first walkman . Remember I’ve been to Germany to find the first CD’s cause in France we could only find ” Cat’s without claws” . I came back from Cologne with Donna Summer, The Wanderer, She works hard for the money and Live and more . All japanese imports . Donna was everywhere in clubs when I started to go dancing , then the world changed his taste but I didn’t . I discovered she could sing more than Disco songs .  I’ve never spent a week without her music in my ears, I could say “days” . I went back from Berlin on May 17 2012 . After leaving the plane i checked my phone and red the first messages from my friends saying they were sorry about Donna’s death . I searched on internet and been shocked it was the truth . It was if i lost a good old friend . She’s been the soundtrack of my life for 40 years now, and she’ll be in my ears for ever . 



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