Love On And On

Donna Summer has been part of me for almost forty years now and the memories keep on building! I would say most memories are right there in the MUSIC – the countless hours I have spent and am still spending listening to the numerous songs she has recorded or performed on tv or on stage…the freshness of hearing the sounds everytime you hear them, even if you have heard them hundreds of times before. And the VOICE – Donna has an out-of-this-world quality in her voice that does something to my very essence, my core, my heart. It’s an experience only the true, die-hard fans can relate to.

But I think the most wonderful thing to share and a reason to celebrate is that as a person Donna was the most warm and lovely and funny and sincere person you could ever meet. Some of the most precious moments in my life so far were the times I had the privilege to spend some personal time with her. Her genuine interest in me, in what I do for a living, in my family, her jokes, her well-wishes, her good advice – I carry these living memories with me day to day and they sustain me in times when I need to Feel Love.

Jeffrey in Holland



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