My First Time Meeting The Great Donna Summer

me with donna 

Hello I am Keith Richko greetings from Las
Vegas NV. Those who know anything about
me if nothing else know this…I AM A 100%
been a Donna Addict since my early
childhood and now at age 37 I still rank Donna
at the very top of the music industry
indefinitely. Donna Summer represented the
true meaning of a naturally gifted musical
pioneer who’s incredible talents surpassed
even those of the highest caliber defining her
as an entertainment superstar and to us fans
as… “OUR QUEEN”. Today as we approach
with heavy hearts the third anniversary of
Donna’s untimely ascent up above I find
solace knowing Donna Summer’s legacy
triumphantly lives on. My encounters meeting
Donna in person have been brief and fewer
than anticipated still I remain grateful for the
moments I was able to share with her on
these rare but uplifting occasions. My favorite
and most memorable experience meeting
Donna in person was in 2003 at Barnes &
Noble in Costa Mesa Ca, during one of her
book signings for the release of the
autobiography Ordinary Girl: The Journey.
(Quick Fact: Donna’s 1983 HBO Special “A Hot
Summers Night” was filmed in Costa Mesa Ca).
Originally I decided against the 4 hour drive
from Las Vegas to Costa Mesa because I
hadn’t had any sleep but by the end of my
night around 1 am I changed my mind
gathered up two family members and a close
friend and we set out for Costa Mesa. When
we got to Costa Mesa it seemed magical it
was beautifully breathtaking because the
streets were lined with heavy thick fog which
we hadn’t really seen before but awesome to
experience in person. We arrived at Barns &
Noble a little early (about two hours too early)
so we waited outside until they opened for
business. finally we were let in and proceeded
to wait in a line with a ton of other fans for
another couple hours. It had been over 24
hours since I had sleep but I probably
would’ve went another 24 hours just to meet
Donna for the first time. While we were in line
the store staff began raffling off copies of
Ordinary Girl along with The Journey cd’s and
posters of the cd cover. It was my lucky day
because three of us won posters and
fortunate for me I was the only hardcore fan
of my group so I got to keep all three Posters.
The time had come I was next up to the table
where Donna sat waiting to sign my
merchandise with hubby Bruce standing at
her side. I was extremely tired from lack of
sleep and so starstruck by Donna’s presence
that I didnt really convey to her just how big a
Donna fan I really was so I shyly walked away
after she signed my book, cd and poster.
Luckily my outlandish cousin Buffy and my
niece Alexis were next in line and they
expressed to Donna just how big a fan of hers
I was. All of a sudden I hear Donna Yell my
name from across the room and I immediately
froze in shock. Donna called me back over to
the table with a big bright smile on her face
and I got to spend a few more minutes talking
to my favorite singer in the world DONNA
SUMMER and her hubby BRUCE SUDANO. I
couldn’t thank them enough for the joy I
received from their interaction with me and
up until that point in my life I never really
experienced euphoria or knew the real
meaning of the word but I was definitely
experiencing it the whole four hour drive
home and then some. Photography was not
allowed but my cousin managed to sneak a
couple pics. They aren’t the best quality but
to me they are priceless treasures thanks to
all who read this for your time.
Rest Peacefully my Queen.


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