On this day, May 17, 2012…

we lost a really great person, and a really great, creative artist. As the events of the past decades, including the passing of one of the best vocalists of all time, and how the world marches on, the picture becomes more clear, about where we are headed, and where we have been. I can see the big picture, and the irony, of where she fits in. Her passing is a wake-up call. Wake up, and see the world, for what it is. There are greedy, selfish, deceptive people, in control, ruining the earth and humanity (that includes you and me, and them), and they will not stop, because they are sick (Love of money actually affects the brain, like cocaine?). I don’t know what to do when they are part of the circle. I guess you can forgive, but these things, war, and faux terrorism, must not happen again, but that is all they know how to do. Forgiveness means nothing to some, but another chance to deceive. You must watch your back. 9/11 was symptom of our problems. And I’m afraid that Donna’s health really took a hit that day (she was in Manhattan that day, right?), with the pulverized asbestos, pyroclastic smoke, etc… Another reason that I think about it, read about it, and try to make sense of that day. And, only some things make sense, others, not so much. I think we have to make a change, and her passing is another wake-up call. Only then can we begin, to make the world one that we want to live in. You cast your vinyl vote, and let her in. We must we do the same, to create a world in which we can live, laugh, and love. I loved Donna, because I really see someone who aspired to be free and happy, in music and art, and she really put all of her effort into her projects; she developed her skills and talent to an extreme level, and of course, because she always sang about love and joy, for me, as an artist, she was everything.



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