Remembering a dear friend

As many of Donna’s fans, I meet her on the dance floor with “Love to Love you Baby”. For many years when I went out to the clubs, I was able to dance and party with my friend Donna with all of our favorite songs. I don’t have to mention the songs, because we as fans no all of them! My favorite song is “Last Dance”, and those that know me, know that is my favorite. Oh, did I mention that I am also a drag queen? Well I am, and I think from the time I heard “Last Dance”, that I have performed the song as many times as Donna has. I have studied Donna’s performances from videos on MTV and VH1 (remember those days?).
Many years later, in 1997 I met a man named Tom Gilliam. He was a handsome man working at a local gay bar, and I was entered in the bars Miss pagent. I won! We developed a great friendship and love between us. I found out that he was the Presedent of Donna’s fan club, and we spent many nights after the bar til the wee hours of morning listening to Donna’s songs. But Tom never realize that they could be other people in love with Donna other than him. Because of Donna I have spent from those days in 1997 until the present apart of Tom’s life. We live together and we are the best of friends and we are family.
When Donna was going to do “Live and More, Encore” for VH1 Tom was able to arrange for a few of us to go to New York to see the concert. I was totally blown away when we got to the venue, because we were told to go to the back door. Good thing, because folks were in line for a couple of blocks. As we were being taken up to the floor where Donna was going to perform I was getting more excited than I have ever been. I am going to see Donna Summer! And I am not going to be a million miles away! But not only was I going to be up close and personal, that I could see that Donna had a mole on her left shine, I could almost count the number of diamonds in her ring, I was going to meet Donna! And her husband Bruce! After that concert, there were several more and each time Tom played a big role in getting me to meet one of my idols, and a woman who help me make it as a star as a drag queen. Not just with her music, but also as a person.
Donna I know that you are in heaven and you have helped when I have asked you to be with me as I am performing your music.
God bless you and thank you for everythig, I can honestly say that I love you!



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