Remembering a Legend and Beautiful Person


Donna’s music impacted me from the moment I heard the 17 minute album version of Love To Love You, Baby through almost 40 years- 80% of my life. Every album stretched musical boundaries and my musical taste progressed with every new Donna release. which was amazingly almost two a year. My first concert was Donna at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium 7/28/79 and my last concert was Donna at Ravinia, Illinois August 2008- a total of twenty times seeing her. I got to meet her backstage once in Reno and she could not have been sweeter, especially given that her father had just been rushed to the hospital. It was also that night that she sang the full version of Love To Love You, Baby. On 5/17/12, I was living in West Hollywood and when I awoke to the sad news, I rushed over to place flowers on her Hollywood Walk of Fame plaque. I returned later that night to share memories with other fans, and again on the day of her funeral to bring more flowers. Donna loved us, and we loved her right back. She cared about her fans, cared about humanity. I always tried to bring friends to her shows with me to see their reaction to hearing “that voice” and every single one was blown away. She was a golden voice and so much more. Donna is in heaven making every angel dance right now. We love and miss you, Donna.



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