Summer of 79

Ah the Summer of 1979 a year I’ll always remember with great love, I had previously heard of Donna and music, but it wasn’t until the Summer 1979 and one of my all time favorite albums hit the air waves. “Bad Girls.” It seem to take the city of Detroit by storm, the title hit along with “Hot Stuff.” Would be blaring on radios and passing cars.

A trip to Bob Lo island on the Bob Lo boat filled with teens my age dancing to the hit. It was main event that would set this young man on a life full of adventure. Donna Summer quickly became not deva but a close friend I would never get a chance to meet it never really matter as she was with me on an album, a cassette tape, on the radio. It led to me buying every album from Love to Love You, to whatever was available in the day. Donna was indeed the soundtrack of youth and ultimately my life. It’s filled with celebration of her life ‘tinged with the sadness she has passed. I’ve never cried over a passing of a star until the day I heard of the news of her passing as like many others I was shocked. But, I know like so many others she will live on in my memory and me heart. Donna, I may not be your greatest fan. But there will always be a you…



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