T-Shirt Design and Contest

Fans, its been a bitter sweet Holiday Season without our Diva here to see the outpouring of love that we all show to her and he legacy. I hope all of you had a great Holiday Season and made it possible with your friends and family. As we venture into the New Year we will continue to honor and share our love for Donna and all the upcoming projects in her memory as we have always done. I need you help..as you know we have opened The Donna Summer Fan Club Store with unique and special offers for you the fans and in the future would like to expand to other merchandise and would love to have your input as no one understands Donna like her true Fans. That being said, I would like to offer all of you a chance to help create a new T-Shirt logo for use on the Fan Club materials that will be for sale in the Store. I know we have some very talented Fans out there that can help with this instead of hiring some company to create one..it’s important that the Fans are as involved as much as possible. We will have a contest of the best three or four graphics to be voted on by the fans and will give full recognition to the winner of the contest.

The rules are it has to be original without using any copyright materials such as photos and other logos from any place else. Also, I will be issuing official Fan Club Membership Cards to everyone that is registered on this site in the coming months. If you wish to participate in this contest I will need your submission by March 9th, 2014.
Please email your ideas to tommygill7@yahoo.com

Thanks so Much



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    Lionel Hart January 21, 2014 at 10:01 am

    Hi Tommy,
    I have a autographed photo of Donna and it simple reads “Love Donna Summer” the autograph is clear and very artist, perhaps something as subtle but effective as this would be ideal. Anyway, this is just an idea,
    Best regards

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