YOU to Me, Miss DoNNA SuMMeR…

I remember praying and pleading with GOD Almighty to please bless me, & to please let me meet my ALL time favorite female singer – DONNA SUMMER one day very soon!

Thank the good LORD, HE did hear my prayer, and HE did answer me! I remember it was 1981-ish or ’82; A Thursday evening in Hollywood, CA at a converted two story building that Donna owned. The sign at the front entrance door stated “Sweet Summer Night Music/Mgt.” It was 1224 No. Vine St. between Sunset Blvd. & Santa Monica Blvd., & I was in heaven that I was invited to attend a bible study that was held there on Thursday evenings, & the best part of it was that Donna Summer would attend sometimes. Not always as I soon concluded, but if it meant attending the bible study meeting where other entertainers in the music business would attend as well, then I would be in for a real treat! Oh, and not to make less of the LORDS Word, but I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit that my sole purpose was to go just to get the chance to meet my one and only all time favorite singer, MEGA SUPER STAR DONNA SUMMER!

Well, after attending for what seemed to be about 2 plus months more or less, one evening



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